Hey there! I am Rinu Mary Rajan. I would like to share with you recipes from around the world that I have had and recreated in my kitchen. You can find sweets and savouries on my blog. These recipes are my personal favourites and 100% sure to work.

I hail from India and started this venture of mine during the COVID19 lockdown in 2020. Due to the lockdown, I had some time on my hands and since all my favourite places to eat out were shut, I decided to try making them right here in my kitchen! And it turned out to be awesome!! I took pride in all the things I could pull off by myself along with some help from my Mom’s recipe diary and off the internet. So that’s when I thought that everyone out there should know how simple it can truly be… I am sure a lot of people think “Ah! that is impossible to make at home..” But fear not!! Follow my recipes to the dot and you will end up with the most irresistibly delicious dishes that you thought you could never make at home…

Both my husband and I love exploring different food cuisines (& love eating!!! 😋). Once we are back from our travels I try recreating our favourite dishes from that place. Although most of the locally sourced ingredients may not be available to us here in India, I try my best to substitute and match the tastes. I will only be posting dishes that are super delicious and want all my readers to try out for sure.

I would love to hear back from my readers if you were able to recreate these awesome recipes in your kitchen. Most of my measurements are accurate to the scale and I would suggest all the home cooks out there to invest in one. I am not a professional chef, but if you have any doubts or mistakes I will try my best to address these.. (I am sure to have made some of the same mistakes during my experimenting).